Frequent Questions About Our Dental Sales Process

Q: How much does it cost to become a subscriber?

A: Free. The only requirements are for practices looking to sell or partner that they agree to a confidentiality agreement that protects the information they are providing and what is discussed in conversations pertaining to the sale of the practice. Sellers must agree to a listing agreement with to be their registered agent. For the dentist looking for dental partnerships, associateships or practices to purchase, it is free, they only need to agree to a confidentiality agreement.

Q: What if I need to keep my practice profile confidential?

A: will only display information that will aid in creating interest for your practice to be sold, or to gain a partner. The confidential information will be shared at a later time with interested parties who have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Q: What if as a potential buyer I need to keep my identity confidential/anonymous?

A: Your name will never be showcased on the website, only account number that is sequentially assigned. 

Q: I like to meet people face to face. Why should I look for a practice/partner online?

A: This service merely allows you to see the many opportunities in dental. Face to face meetings will follow once we find a potential match.

Q: Is this service safe?

A: Yes, this is 100% secure. Your information is completely safe with us. View our Privacy Policy.

Q: I just want to search for opportunities, why should I create a profile?

A: You’re here to meet people and a profile helps you do that. Filling out a profile will allow us to find the right match that is right for you, and make sure you’re right for them.

Q: What is the process for creating a profile?

A: Add some basic information about yourself & choose your need under “Opportunities in Dental.” You may be asked to log-in after setting up the initial information.  Also, be sure to hit the “update” button after each section is completed.

Q: How do I update my profile?

A: You can update your profile here. If you’re having any trouble, contact us.