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25 years of experience

Thad Miller

Expert Leadership from an Industry Expert

Thad Miller is a dental industry leader with over 2 decades of experience. His circles of influence span across the United States and include practicing dentists, dental schools, manufacturers, suppliers and beyond. Over the years he saw firsthand the difficulty dentists had when it came time to buy and sell a practice or finding a partner for the practice. He wondered…”Could there be a better way? What if the process could be professional, streamlined and efficient? Utilizing technology, yet never losing the human touch?” These questions led him to found DDSmatch in 2009.



Hear from our Owners

The Trusted Transition Process has been the recipe for my success. DDSmatch creates predictable systems for a business owner to follow. All you need is hard work and a genuine desire to help your clients. I bought another two territories after a year. It has been a rewarding and fun journey!

— Andy Edmister – DDSmatch Texas/New Mexico

Owning a franchise has provided the opportunity to become a business owner and experience freedom from the limitations of a large corporation. The DDSmatch systems and relationships creates a clear path forward. They simplify a complicated procedure which leads to successful transactions and satisfied clients.

— Matt Conrad – DDSmatch, Ohio

Today in North Texas we are well on our way to achieving continued success. DDSmatch has mastered the art of the practice transition. With the demand in today’s market there’s no doubt we will continue to evolve as a major market leader.

— Steven Hipson – DDSmatch, N. Texas

a proven road map


Robust Website

A custom robust affiliate website with a broad platform to connect and manage the thousands of dentists entering and exiting the profession. Website is visited by hundreds of dentists weekly and has profiles of close to 1,000 dentists interested in practice opportunities nationwide.

Transparent Clinical Valuations

Using Dr. Charles Blair’s “Practice Booster Clinical Treatment Analyzer”, we reveal a dental practice’s potential in a 70-page report. This blueprint of opportunities detailing production mix and intensity, new patient flow gives both buyers and sellers a transparent look into the dental practice and its potential.

Proven Marketing Platform

Promote your business with a proven marketing platform including marketing materials, brochures, web-marketing strategies, and social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Advertising pieces are intact and available for customization.

Trusted Process

The Trusted Transition Process ™ is a proven map for success for clients, referral sources and dental professionals.

Respected Practice Appraisals

Third-party business valuations (dental practice appraisals) completed by Blue & Company (a nationally ranked, top 50 firm) to give transparency and trust to both sides of the transaction and provide an opportunity to network with local Trusted Advisors.

Contracts, Training and Sales Support

As a DDSmatch affiliate you will be armed with all the contracts, forms, and agreements to run your own brokerage business. In addition these will be supported by training and sales support to help you get started and thrive.

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