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About DDSmatch | Professionals in Dental Practice Transitions

In a recent survey over 70% of dentists said that it would not be easy to sell their practice or find a partner, and a majority said it would take over a year to do so. We are the professionals who can help you find the perfect match.

About Our Company

Thad Miller, founder of, envisioned a better way for dentists to make dental practice transitions by pairing technology with a human touch to produce a professional and exacting match. Our Professional advisors serve their clients in their respective areas at the highest level.

DDSmatch specializes in connecting buyers and sellers by integrating tremendous relationship capabilities, using a unique process for dentists, “The Trusted Transition Process,” supported by a robust website and professional advice.

We can assist with:


Practice sales


Practice mergers


Dental partnership agreements


Associate placements


Dental office appraisals


Dental Real Estate sales


DSO Sell-Side Representation

We use the following tools:

An in-depth Clinical Opportunity Blueprint created exclusively by Dental Intelligence, Inc. 

Fair, dependable Third Party Business Valuations and practice appraisals supported by accredited professionals.


An interactive website that allows you to search for a practice buyer or partner for your practice.

About the Trusted Transition Process, click here to learn more…

Step One in The Trusted Transition Process is The Conceptual Transition Experience which will begin with a comprehensive interview so we can determine both your financial and emotional needs for the match you are seeking for yourself, your staff and your patients. We will work directly with you to set objectives, identify the transition options for your particular situation and implement plans to meet those objectives. You are in total control of the process.

About the Trusted Valuation Analysis (dental practice appraisal)

The appraisal process determines the fair market practice value based on factual information you provide paired with economic conditions and their relevance to your practice and the industry as a whole. Unique to the industry… at, we use only Certified Valuation Analysts by Blue & Company to provide the most comprehensive appraisal of your practice. These analysts are highly-trained Certified Public Accountants who specialize in evaluating businesses, further concentrating on medical and dental practices.

Blue & Co. has provided valuation services since the late 1970s. Their professional staff are known experts in the field, support attorneys in all areas of litigation and hold key certifications including Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA)- Business Valuation member of the American Society of Appraisers and the AICPA’s specialty designation for business valuators (ABV).

Your report will be fair, factual and detailed, with information on the scope of work performed, how the calculations were completed, and, in conclusion, the calculated value. In addition, we provide on-site inventory and valuation of your equipment, and if need be, we can arrange through our professional partnerships to have your real estate appraised as well. Our goal is to provide you with a realistic and complete Fair Market Evaluation of your practice that is based on the experience and knowledge of qualified professionals.

About the Clinical Opportunity Blueprint

We believe that knowledge is power. To that end, you will be provided with a proforma forecast of your practice. Clients will also receive a seventy-page, customized report detailing your practice opportunities through the use of Dental Intelligence and DDSmatch’s Clinical Opportunity Blueprint (COB)™.

Specifically, the Clinical Treatment Analysis can reveal:


A comprehensive 70+ page report encompassing over 50 clinical procedure tendencies of the practice’s procedure mix


Fifteen areas of potential within a hygiene department


Twelve doctor procedure ratios


At least sixteen monitors that reflect the dentist’s service mix intensity level

Potential matches for your practice will benefit from this practice knowledge by:


Understanding your practice mix from the beginning


Assessing their practice philosophy in relation to yours


Making a fully educated decision based on the facts of your practice


When ready, your practice will be posted on You will have a complete understanding of your practice transition options and direction on
how to proceed and stay the course.