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While DDSmatch is great for finding potential buyers for dental practices for sale, we also provide an excellent database of young dentists looking to apprentice with a more established dentist or even join an existing practice as an associate. Our listings include an extensive roster of recent dental school graduates in search of just such an opportunity, each of them uniquely qualified and looking to work all over the country. Just as these eager young dentists are looking for a breakthrough opportunity from among our listings, so too should veteran dentists have access to just as many great options. Looking to learn? Head over to the DDSmatch Academy to read what Industry Experts have to say.

Put simply, recent dental school graduates will find the most and best opportunities using DDSmatch as a means of listing their credentials and, if applicable, their work experience. Finding that first job can be an overwhelming experience, especially with so many job-search services available on the web these days. However, if you are looking for your chance in the dental industry, DDSmatch is the best way to get paired up with a dentist in search of an apprentice or associate.

For both young dentists in search of jobs and veteran dentists in search of help, DDSmatch is the ideal service for finding a match. Our services streamline the entire process and work to find a perfect match for everyone involved. There are so many exciting, talented young dentists looking to find their professional homes, and our service helps them find that place.

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