5 Things to Consider Before Adding an Associate

Feb 27, 2023 | Miscellaneous, Successful Transitions

  1. Can your practice support another dentist? A thorough analysis of your practice on the front end is just as important as signing the documents at the end of the process. This analysis should be comprehensive and where the conversation starts.

  2. Is there space to support another dentist? And staff? From exam operatories to office space, to parking, you must consider if you can structurally support an associate.

  3. Where are your opportunities for growth? Knowing how your practice stacks up against your local peers and taking a good look at your practice data can uncover opportunities for your practice. This can help guide your search for the right candidate based on particular skills and training they may have. 

  4. Where will you find an associate? On your own can be time-consuming. At DDSmatch, our team employs a comprehensive search through our nationwide network active in 45 states, local outreach at meetings and dental schools, and our dental industry relationships. 

  5. How will you determine fair compensation? Will there be a trial period? A performance bonus? There is a lot to consider—and avoid—when hiring an associate. Consult with professionals to ensure you are in line with your local market, and that the contract covers all the bases.

Adding an associate is all about the details. A trusted Transition Professional can help you determine your readiness, uncover your opportunities for growth and help you prepare for a successful associate addition.