DDSmatch Celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

May 16, 2024 | Articles

As DDSmatch celebrates its 15th Anniversary this May, we recognize that none of our success would be possible without the trust that hundreds of dentists across the country have placed in us, our industry relationships and our processes. A sincere thank you.

Over the last 15 years, not only has our branding undergone a transformation and our national presence expanded, but our approach to serving dentists across the country has also evolved.

Thad Miller, DDSmatch Founder and President, created DDSmatch to meet a critical need within the dental industry. He understood that a dental transition could be so much more than a financial transaction and set out to provide different processes , industry insight and guidance to dentists navigating this phase of their careers.

In 15 years, DDSmatch has grown from a single territory in Indiana and Kentucky, to 48 franchisees in 47 states. DDSmatch Professionals offer much more than your typical dental practice broker and we couldn’t be more honored to play a part in helping dentists across the United States transition on their terms.

DDSmatch At a Glance

What can DDSmatch Help with?
DDSmatch can assist with multiple transition services including: 
-Practice Sales
-Practice Mergers
-Dental Partnership Agreements
-Associate Placements
-Dental Office Appraisals
-Dental Real Estate Sales
-DSO Seller Negotiations

What makes DDSmatch Different?
A dentist-centric approach that focuses on meeting the individual needs of the dentist we serve by utilizing:
-The Trusted Transition Process
-The Practice Optimizer Experience
-The Clinical Opportunity Blueprint
-Third Party Business Valuations
-Robust website and technology systems

We sat down with Thad to reflect on the last 15 years–and to look to the future.


Congratulations on 15 years of DDSmatch! What does 15 years mean to you and the dentists you serve?
TJM: I feel like we have established a culture of representing our clients at the highest level with a focus on trust. We’ve accomplished this by providing third-party business valuations, a robust website for anyone to visit opportunities, a detailed process, and a team of incredible Professionals with the same goal of serving the dentist and their noble profession. Ultimately, we are helping their staff and patients transition to a new dentist and bringing that new dentist into the community to serve a new generation of patients. It’s an honor.

What lessons did you learn along the way?
One of the biggest lessons I learned was to detach from the outcome. That may sound counterintuitive, but focusing on the client and what they are looking for in an ideal scenario is paramount. Whenever I got away from this and only concerned myself with “closing” it would cause unnecessary challenges.

At DDSmatch, we measure success by the satisfaction of the dentists we serve. Are there any transitions that stand out in your mind?
The most challenging transitions, and also the most rewarding, are those that derive from illness or death. I had a very good dentist friend who died way too early, and was pleased to find a wonderful dentist to take over for he and his family.


What is special about the DDSmatch team?
The most special part of the team is that we all are business owners, just like our clients….and we openly share ideas and grow together for the common good of the client and our businesses.

With valuations focused on reports, numbers and fees, how do you keep the transition process relational?
It is 100% relational, these valuations, reports, numbers and fees are parts of the “Trust” in The Trusted Transition Process®. Valuations tell a story, and prove to a buyer in a tangible, credible way is valid in a way that is transparent and in a way that makes them confident in the future.


The industry changes and shifts. For instance, DSOs are more in the mix now, as opposed to when DDSmatch started. What is your approach to changing trends?
Our job is to connect our clients to the right opportunity for them. That guides everything we do, no matter how the dental industry changes. We represent the seller and want to make sure that if they are partnering with a DSO, they can feel confident in their future in that scenario. When they make this decision, there’s usually a 3 to 5 year commitment so it is very important that we find the right match and help them understand what the transaction and transition look like!

What is your best advice for a dentist thinking about a transition a few years from now?
Talk to us, it’s confidential, complimentary. We are local, we have great relationships and resources and we can help you prepare for the best transition we could all hope for—and one that is on your own terms.